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What does Honkenbonkers mean?

Honkenbonkers - Awesome and Amazong


  1.  Something that is Awesome, Amazing, cool, etc…

  2.  Doing something that is Awesome, Amazing, cool, etc…

  3. To achieve greatness

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Swim Meet Announcer is Honkenbonkers!

Swim Meet Announcer is Honkenbonkers!

Sam Kendrick is Honkenbonkers!  Sam is the premiere announcer of swim meets in the USA.  He announces many competitions in the country including NCAA championships and the US Olympic Trials. And guess what?  He’s a fan of the word Honkenbonkers!  His “trademark”...

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Sheri Gallo is Honkenbonkers!

Sheri Gallo is Honkenbonkers!

Honkenbonkers was in the Austin District 10 Spotlight Newsletter! Austin District 10 City Council Member, Sheri Gallo shouted out about Honkenbonkers in her Blog/Newsletter this Fall. I met Council Member Gallo at the Tarrytown United Methodist Church unloading...

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