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What"s Honkenbonkers?

How did I come up with the word? Let me tell you the story…


It all started while my two friends, Augie and Noah, and I were watching the WALKING DEAD. Then at a VERY intense and pivotal moment, my dog sat on the TV remote and muted the show.  I decided to step in and attempt to fill in the character’s dialog. I used a combination of both real and made up words. When I blurted out HONKENBONKERS! My friends started to laugh! Because of their response to my new word, I continued my improv and I began to use HONKENBONKERS more frequently. This resulted in even more laughter from my friends.

Over the next several weeks, I texted my friends and got a similar response.  Hmmm?!

I then began to use HONKENBONKERS In conversation at my school, and it began to “catch on”. Initially, I used it in a number of ways!  Friends started to ask, “what does HONKENBONKERS mean?”


I decided to make up a definition and submitted it to the online open source urban dictionary.  I continued to use it in many ways but started using it in two BIG ways – as a greeting like a hello and a goodbye and as a word to describe an awesome or amazing action, event, or thought.  For most uses, a fist bump was used simultaneously.


I also began to use it in social media. Twitter. @honkenbonkers, Facebook. When I saw an awesome or amazing tweet or Instagram, I would respond #honkenbonkers!


honkenbonkers LogoWorking on the popularity of the word, I decided to come up with a logo that best represented the word. I designed an emblem and put it on a t-shirt!  My friends loved the shirt and asked for some!


Next, I ask my good friend computer expert Chris to help me build a website. A web page was developed next to promote the word and serve as an avenue to buy merchandise. We also came up with a second generation design for the shirt.


I even listed it in the Webster online open source dictionary.  Ben Zimmer listed it in the Wall Street Journal as a word for 2015!


Honkenbonkers is more than just a fun word to say.  It’s an approach to life. It makes you feel awesome or amazing! “HONKENBONKERS. SAY IT, LIVE IT!”